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Dear KrisonAV user,

Thank you for using KrisonAV CMS. The first Open Source Content Management System based on Codecharge Studio and Artisteer.

KrisonAV CMS is totally autonomous. No need to buy Codecharge Studio. However, using Codecharge Studio you can create any plugin of your own. KrisonAV CMS is capable of including it on the fly!!!

Check out our documentation at

Do not hessitate to report us any problems-malfunctions via email.

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You can create image thumbnails for large images just by setting their width and heigth properties. This will force KrisonAV CMS to autogenerate those thumbnails and save them in the same directory where original images exist.  Remember! Only images in userfiles' subdirectories can take advantage of the 'autogenerate thumbnails' feature.  For saving bandwidth purposes, only the autogenerated thumbnails are transfered through network. Large images are transfered only when a visitor clicks on them.  You can use ALT (Alternative Text) property to add description to large images.  You can use TITLE (Advisory Title) property to add tooltip description to thumbnails.  If an image is very big (as this one), it is auto-adjusted to fit user's screen and an 'Expand the image' button is displayed at the top-right corner.

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